Betting Without Big Two

The 2012 Gold Cup Odds have all been about Kauto Star and Long Run but there are some other top horses involved today and this market opens up a whole new betting angle. The betting without the top two gives punters the chance to pick which horse they believe is the best of the rest behind the two favourites in the market which in this case is Kauto Star and Long Run. So if the bet finishes third behind the big two then you win the bet likewise if it wins and causes an upset the bet will pay out.

The main contenders in this market are Burton Port and Midnight Chase who both have to have chances in this one based on form this season. If punters have a bet on either of them in this market then there are potentially three ways they can win which of course the odds are shortened to fall in line.

Gold Cup Odds Without Kauto Star and Long Run - Click To Bet

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